Essays and Excerpts

“Hag” published online on HerStry, December 21st, 2022.

“Steward” published in issue 7, December 21st 2022 issue of Plant-Human Quarterly

“Grandmother” featured in the 10th Anniversary edition of The Wayfarer Magazine, November 2022

“Pilgrims” published in Dark Mountain: Issue 22 — ARK

“Writing the Animal Other: Beyond Anthropomorphism” published in September 2021/ Issue 68 of Brevity

“Catch and Release” published in the 2021 issue of Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry

“Dismembering” published in Orion Magazine‘s November 23rd, 2020 website blog

“Alone Together” published in Issue 9: “Connections” of The Timberline Review

“Earth to Earth” published in anthology For the Love of Orcas

“Free Hands” published in March 2019/ Issue 17 of Masque & Spectacle

“Prey” published in August 1st, 2018 issue of Animal Literary Magazine

“Two Peas” published in Issue 12: “Fathers” of Minerva Rising Press

“Villains get the Red Shoes” published in Winter 2017 issue of Shark Reef Literary Magazine

“Earth to Earth” published in Fall 2016 issue of Blue Lyra Review ; nominated for 2017 Pushcart Prize Anthology and Best of the Net Anthology

“Blood and Ink” published in 2016 Bacopa Literary Review

“Feral” published in Summer 2016 issue of Soundings Review

“Farm Animals” published in Issue 10 of Proximity Magazine

“Hand Wing” published in Issue 6 (Volume 3 No. 1) of Tahoma Literary Review

“Baptisms” published in Winter 2016 issue of Portland Review

“Destiny Manifested” published in Volume 7  No. 1 of Cirque Literary Journal

“Ablaze” published in Winter 2015 edition of VoiceCatcher, and appearing in VoiceCatcher’s 10 year Anthology, She Holds the Face of the World 

“Face to Face”  published in 2014 Bacopa Literary Review

“In My Hands” published in Issue 5 of Spry Literary Journal,and featured in Spry‘s Briefs Blog, “Behind the Words”

“Them”  published in “Labor” issue of Pilgrimage Magazine: Volume 38 Issue 1