Author Bio:

Heather Durham is a naturalist and nature writer who holds a Master of Science in ecology from Antioch New England University and a Master of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. She’s held a variety of environmental jobs around the country from interpretive park ranger to field biologist, trails worker to restoration ecologist. She currently lives in the foothills of the Washington Cascades where she works behind the scenes at Wilderness Awareness School

As a naturalist she seeks to observe, connect with, and learn as much as she can about the diverse and complex natural environments she’s explored. As a student of ecopsychology, an educator, and a writer, she is intensely interested in what drives others of her kind to make their own meaningful connections in the world.  

When not working or writing, you are likely to find Heather reading other nature writers, birding, or hunkered down in a riverside cedar grove with a journal, field guide, and binoculars, reconnecting with the more than human world.

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